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YiHua Food Company
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Address Branches in Guangzhou and Shenzhen
City Guangzhou
Province Guangdong

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Phone Number 020-8195-4881
Fax 020-08195-9535

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Products Packaged GoodsMeatsPoultry
Payment Accepted Cash

An importer and restaurant distributor of excellent Western meats and food products that is open to the general public. Local brand-named products include DongYang and Auwade.


Unless you read Chinese (see attached business card), its impossible to know or explain exactly where this food distributor is located. They have branches in Shenzhen and Guangzhou but, aside from that, you'll have to ask a Chinese friend to read the card for you.

This is not so much a grocery store as it is a wholesale distributor. There is no showcase or display at either one of their business locations. The customer orders from a catalog and then the clerk on duty enters an enormous walk-in freezer and cuts your meats to order while you wait outside.


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Steak Lover's Haven in Guangzhou

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Reviewed by Dr. Greg
February 16, 2010
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Last updated: June 20, 2010
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It's not easy finding decent beefsteak in China. The Chinese are not big beef eaters and so they beef they sell has been raised quite differently than what we (as Westerners) are accustomed to. It's gotten to the point where I no longer order beefsteak at anyplace other than a Japanese steakhouse.

If you are a steak lover, the Yihua Food company is a major find. In addition to steak, they offer a wide variety of other food products such as cheeses, olives, spices, and a great deal more. You'll have to go there once to pick up their catalogs. Whatever they don't have on the premises, they can order for you.

Their prices are very reasonable and far less than what you would pay in any restaurant for quality that is often not quite as good. Their imported USDA Angus ribeye steaks sell for 60 yuan per kilo or approximately $4.00 per pound. Compare that to the 350 yuan or so you will pay for a 400g ribeye steak at, for example, the Madison Steakhouse in Guangzhou and you'll be grateful that you found the Yihua Food Company.


Good Points If you are looking for imported steak, that is, real steak, then this is the place to shop in Guangzhou. They offer several cuts of meat including ribeye (see photo), tenderloin, and T-bone.
Bad Points Not easy to find and their business cards are entirely in Chinese, so you'll need help locating this place. Not all products listed in the catalog are readily available but can be ordered.

If you like your steaks cut thick, you'll have to read the clerk on duty the riot act. The man cutting your steak has very likely never eaten a real ribeye or tenderloin steak in his life and thinks that a 1/3- to 1/2-inch cut is appropriate (not to mention that this is how local restaurants order it).

Before you go, cut out a piece of paper that matches your desired width and hand that to the butcher so he can use it as a cutting guide. You will need to strenuously and repeatedly emphasize that if he cuts the steak any thinner than the guideline you have just provided him with, you will refuse to pay for it. He will respond with "this is too thick, you are wasting your money," to which you must emphatically reiterate your previous admonishment. We have to fight with them every time we go but, with persistence, they will eventually cut the steak to the specified width.
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