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Wok Too Café
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Cuisine BuffetAsian
Meals Served BreakfastLunchDinner
Delivery No
Take-Out No
Outdoor Seating Yes
English Communication Yes
English Menus Yes
Parking Garage


Address Shangri-la Hotel 1 Hui Zhan Dong Road
City Guangzhou
Province Guangdong
Postal Code 510308

Contact Info

Phone Number (86 20) 8917 8888
Fax (86 20) 8917 8899

Wok Too Café is a Macanese market-themed serving station buffet restaurant offering a selection of Asian cuisines with a separate ala carte menu.  Dinner buffet runs 331 yuan per person including the 15% service charge.  Smoking sections and outdoor seating are available.

Wok Too Café offers a somewhat better-than-average value for one's money but, still, at $48.35 per person, we won't be running back anytime near soon.

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Reviewed by Dr. Greg
May 29, 2010
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Last updated: May 29, 2010
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As a Filipina, my wife absolutely adored this restaurant and that was predictable when you consider the plethora of Asian staples the Wok Too Cafe serves, such as several varieties of noodles and rice dishes.

As an American diner, I certainly found enough to eat that ultimately satisfied my hunger, such as Genoa salami, exceptional French baguettes (including one made with rye flour and dipped in fried pumpkin seeds), an assortment of Western cheeses, typical lamb shish kebob, and even coconut battered fried shrimp but I can't say that I was particularly impressed by either the selection or quality. In fact, the ice cream they serve is very typical non-premium Chinese standard fare and that was both surprising and disappointing.

The wait staff are outstanding and can even speak English. Our chairs were quite comfortable and overlooked a relaxing fountain. The restaurant is decorated in various wood themes, including bamboo, and is very pleasing to the senses.

At a total price of 331 yuan per person, we both felt that we hadn't received good value for our money. Despite this, we will very likely return at some point in the future, but we are in no hurry.


Good Points Nice selection of Asian favorites offered across the familiar food market themed cooking stations serving hot pot, fresh and cooked seafood, grilled foods including lamb shish kebob, thinly sliced pork chops, and standard fare beef, as well as a better-than-average dessert station.

Service is outstanding as is the ambiance and physical comfort of the chairs. Cold water, tea, and decent coffee with milk are included.
Bad Points At 331 yuan ($48.35) per person, not to mention the additional 35 yuan ($5.11) for the can of Coke Zero we ordered, this restaurant is overpriced when you consider the overall quality and quantity of foods offered.

The ice cream served is typical non-premium Chinese fare, which surprised us given the caliber of the hotel.
Recommend Yes

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