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Middle Kingdom Life offers several exclusive self-assessments and surveys that are intended to inform, entertain, as well as collect research data for future articles and revisions to the Guide.


  • General Knowledge of China and China's EFL Industry
    This entertaining quiz is intended to serve as something of a "pretest" for those who have never been to China and are just beginning their exploration into the possibility of teaching Enlgish in China.
  • Employee Desirability and Psychosocial Adjustment
    This 20-item two-part test is intended to give you a general idea about how desirable or competitive you will be in the China EFL market as well as help you anticipate how relatively easy or difficult your day-to-day adjustment will be.
  • China Foreign Teacher Job Satisfaction
    This 20-item quiz—intended for those who have been teaching English in China for awhile—is based on the work of organizational psychologists and will provide you with a very good idea about how satisfied or not you are in your current job role.
  • Narcissistic Tendencies Test
    This quiz is based on the diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder of the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-IV and is intended to be taken by Western men who suspect their Chinese partners may suffer from NPD.


  • Foreign Teachers Guide's Reader Survey
    This very brief survey offers an opportunity for readers to anonymously tell us what they liked or not, and to offer suggestions for future revisions of the Guide.
  • Foreign Teacher Satisfaction and Retention Survey
    This comprehensive survey is designed to explore variables associated with satisfaction and retention among foreign teachers in China. The project was started in July 2008 and has provided extremely useful information that is then used to document the Guide's findings and conclusions. If you are or were a foreign teacher in China, we strongly encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey.


About Us

Middle Kingdom Life is the premier award-winning educational website for foreign teachers and Western expats in China. It was founded by an American professor in psychology and sociology for the purpose of disseminating valid and reliable information about living and teaching in China. The site's mission is to protect and enhance the interests and social welfare of foreign teachers and Western expats in China.

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