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Teaching in China

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1 Teaching English in China Overview 20993
2 Reactions to Section on Anti-Americanism in China 13464
3 Comprehensive Summary: Foreign Teachers' Guide 18519
4 China EFL Pre-Employment Checklist 35490
5 Epilogue to Foreign Teachers Guide 6485
6 Changing Jobs and Provinces in China 12359
7 Teaching Contract Renewal in China 10534
8 Outside and Other Employment in China 10171
9 No Respect as a foreign oral English teacher in China 21169
10 Office Politics and the Foreign Teacher in China 18207
11 Housing Problems for Foreign Teachers in China 10724
12 Office Hours and Other Free Work for the Foreign Teacher 11395
13 Split-Shifts, Weekends & Overtime for Foreign Teachers in China 7672
14 Abrupt Scheduling Changes in China 6674
15 Work Environment in China for Foreign Teachers 8509
16 What to Expect After Arriving in China 12191
17 Preparing for Your Arrival in China as a Foreign Teacher 35226
18 The Truth About Working on Tourist and Business Visas 55762
19 Finding and Applying for English Teaching Jobs in China 62469
20 Teaching Subjects Other Than English in China 18351
21 Teaching Locations for Foreign Teachers in China 13825
22 SAFEA Contracts and Addendums for China English Teachers 19849
23 Travel and Medical Benefits for Foreign Teachers in China 15251
24 Days Off and Paid Holidays for Foreign Teachers in China 19477
25 China Foreign Teacher Housing 25199
26 China Foreign English Teacher Income Tax 20905
27 Types of Schools in China for Foreign English Teachers 14045
28 Salaries for Foreign English Teachers in China 88165
29 Teaching in China Jobs Index 6866
30 TEFL, CELTA, TESOL for Foreign English Teachers 16969
31 Qualifications in Practice to Teach English in China 29787
32 Qualifications for Teaching English in China 29125
33 Motivating Chinese EFL Students 23122
34 SLA Theory 27856
35 Teaching English to Chinese Students 71657
36 Terminology 8259
37 China TEFL Primer 13498
38 English Language Teaching 7045
39 Oral English Curriculum 34860
40 EFL Industry in China 16977
41 China's Education System, Chinese Students, and the Foreign English Teacher 127097
42 Section I: Teaching English in China Index 27525


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