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Section I: Teaching English in China continued—Teaching Employment and Compensation Index

Teaching Employment and Compensation Index

The following chapters discuss English teaching jobs in China across ten topics: school types; compensation including salary, income tax, housing, days off and paid vacation, and travel and medical benefits; SAFEA contracts; English teaching locations; teaching in fields other than English, and finally; how to find and apply for jobs teaching English in China.

The following is a directory of the ten chapters in this section.

  • Employment Index
    • Types of Schools. Learn about the different types of schools that hire foreigners to teach English in China.
    • Remuneration
      • Foreign Teacher Salary. Learn how much you can expect to earn teaching English in China.
      • Income Tax for Foreign Teachers. This unit explains the income tax for foreigners in China and gives an example of how to calculate it.
      • Foreign Teacher Housing. This unit provides an extensive overview of the housing arrangements that are made for foreign teachers in China.
      • Days Off and Paid Vacation. This unit discusses how days off and paid holidays and vacations are handled with an explanation of Golden Week holidays.
      • Travel and Medical Benefits. Learn about the typical travel and medical benefits that are typically afforded to foreign teachers in China.
    • Contracts


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