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Teacher Reports Successful Z-visa Run to Hong Kong


Teacher Reports Successful Z-visa Run to Hong Kong

We just received word from an American foreign teacher in Jiangxi province who reports having successfully converted a business (F-) visa to a Z-visa in Hong Kong.

He used an agent by the name of Tommy Hu with an office inside the Alisan Guest House at Hoi Toi Court 3 on Hong Kong Island; telephone number is 852-2574-8068. The total cost of the Z-visa was HK$1500. The best part is that the school paid for the total cost of the trip and visa.

This is the first report we have received since the 2008 Summer Olympic Games of a successful “visa run” to Hong Kong. Whether these results are generalizable and can be expected by all foreign teachers in China hoping to convert an L- or F-visa to a Z-visa is anyone’s guess. And, of course, things do change in China from week to week. If you are considering this option, it would probably be wise to give Tommy Hu a call before traveling to Hong Kong.

The teacher who reported this experience believes that this solution is only currently available to American and British passport holders. Of course, your safest bet is still to obtain a Z-visa from home before moving to China for the purpose of earning income.

If you too have had a recently successful experience with a visa run to Hong Kong, please do report it here.


# RE: Teacher Reports Successful Z-visa Run to Hong KongMike 2010-02-19 06:07
I just got my Z visa, converted from an F, and never left Beijing! I don’t know the name of the agent my boss used, but he said that there is a very short-term window of opportunity to do this before the pre-National Day anniversary clampdowns start.
# Hong Kong Visa RunKlughart 2012-12-19 21:19
I just got back last week from Hong Kong. I was able to get my Z visa, they canceled my L visa and issued the new one. With that said, there were about 6 other people at the Hostel i stayed out, all of them were rejected, they did not use a agent. One because the photo was not blue ( silly error) Another did not have all documents and two others were told they do not do Z in Hong Kong any more and to go back to own nation.

There were three of us at the agent I used and all of us got ours. They said they could get it in one day but the fee was too high for me, I got mine in two days
# New Visa SystemJohnty 2013-06-14 09:06
I'm sure you all know by now, but from the 1st, July 2013 an overhauled visa system will come into play. It's the biggest overhaul for a very long time, but of course the question is, what exactly will change, and how rigorously will things change? The Hong Kong run should change; the duration of stay shorter at a greater cost I believe is planned to deter abuse. The business visa should also change, as this is the most abused of all. I'm afraid it's a question of watch this space for now, but it's going to be interesting.
# RE: Teacher Reports Successful Z-visa Run to Hong KongKalynSz 2013-08-17 06:49
Received from SAFEA administrator Aug2013:

The SAFEA Dept. of Cultural and Education Experts rule of issuing work permit is
1. The applicant who should come from below 6 English-speaking countries:
UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Ireland
2. The applicant who should has at least 2 years work experience after graduated
3. No crime record
4. The applicant's age should be the rang of 24~60(years old)

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