Instant Download—PDF Version Optimized for High-Res Printing

  1. Foreign Teachers Guide to Living and Working in China, ISBN No. 978-0-578-02423-3 (401 pages)
  2. BONUS Collection of EFL Games and Activities (96 pages)
  3. MKL China City Guide Supplement (47 pages)

The PDF Guide Bundle consists of three separate PDF documents: the Foreign Teachers Guide, which is 401 pages in length, the 47-page City Guides supplement, and a bonus 96-page collection of EFL games, activities, and songs.

PDF version Foreign Teachers' Guide to Living and Teaching in China
Foreign Teachers' Guide
ISBN No. 978-0-578-02423-3
  • PDF version is an enhanced and reorganized edition of the online Guide's main content, optimized for high resolution printing. It includes all graphics, text boxes, charts, tables, maps, supplements, checklists, and assessments.
  • Document text has been converted to easy-to-read Calibri font: 11pt for body, 14pt for first-level headings, 10pt for footnotes, and 8pt for photo captions with .75" margins all around to reduce overall size.
  • EFL Activity
    BONUS 96-page EFL Class Activity Pak
  • PDF bookmarks supported on all first-, second-, and third-level headings.
  • All internal cross-links (over 200 of them) have been retained and converted to work within the PDF document.
  • All external links open in your default browser and the full URL's (addresses) have been included in footnotes so that if the guide is printed, the reader will be able to view the actual addresses.
  • Complete table of contents on all first-, second-, and third-level headings.
  • Complete index (eight pages), with cross-indexing, on all major terms and keywords (to support printing and using the Guide as a hard copy).
  • Contributors receive a lifetime of free updates.
  • Includes an extensive 96-page collection of EFL games, activities, and songs that are particularly well-suited for teaching English in China.

IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD for $14.95: Foreign Teachers Guide to Living and Working in China (401 pages) + Bonus EFL Teachers Game and Activity Book (96 pages) + MKL China City Guide Supplement (47 pages)!

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Please note: the PDF files are packed in a zipped (.zip) file. You will need to have an archiving program installed on your computer that can unzip (unpack) zipped files.


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