New Blog Launched Feb 2010


In celebration of Middle Kingdom Life's third year anniversary, Ken and I decided to give our Companion Blog a bit of a face-lift. Completely aside from our new look, we also wanted to provide our readers with a lot more functionality than just reading and commenting on articles. The following is a summary of the site's new features.

Site's New Features

  • Expat Reviews
  • The reviews component allows our members to add listings and reviews of their favorite (and not so favorite) Western restaurants, grocery stores, books, movies, services, and products purchased in China. We initially focused our product list on technology-based items such as computers, personal electronics, household appliances, etc., but will be expanding our categories as interest dictates.

  • New Forums and Site Integration
  • We've made two major changes to our Question and Answer Forums. The first is that the forum software is now fully integrated with the rest of the site. You only need to register once and that registration is good for all sections of the site. You will also notice that all sections share the same main menu. The second change is that we've added a new category of forums called "Community." Unlike the Guide's Question and Answer Forums, posts on these forums do not require administrator approval before appearing online.

Thanks to our new software platform, we can pretty much add any new functionality that our members desire. After you've had a chance to explore the site for awhile, feel free to share any suggestions and feedback you may have on our member forums.

Upgrade and Conversion Issues

Upgrading from a Wordpress blog to a content management system was not without certain difficulties. All articles and comments had to be moved by hand and comments could only be copied using a guest account. Unfortunately, neither the account information nor the comment date could be retained. If you had previously registered an account on our former Wordpress blog, you will need to re-register a new account on the upgraded site. Any comments you had written as a registered user will not be directly associated with your new account name and the date will reflect the date the comment was copied, not submitted. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

However, if you had previously registered a user account on our Q&A Forums, that registration is still good and can be used for any section of this new site.

Gregory Mavrides, PhD
Kenneth Hayes, M.Ed.

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