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Guangzhou To Require Standardized Teaching Certificate


According to a brief report posted on the website Life of Guangzhou,

the city of Guangzhou “is to introduce an international training courses (sic) and examination system to those who are interested in teaching English in China.” This appears to be a response to the absence of any accrediting body for the monitoring and standardization of EFL training certificate programs.

In the interim, according to the Guangzhou Foreign Expert Bureau in an announcement translated from Chinese, all foreign English teachers in Guangzhou will be required to take and pass the Evaluation System for Foreign Language Expert by mid-November.

MKL will continue to stay on top of this story and report any latest developments as we learn of them. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson for this news alert.


# RE: Guangzhou To Require Standardized Teaching CertificatePerry 2010-02-19 05:34
Having just spending the time and money getting a CELTA, I wonder if this requirement will render that certificate unusable for employment in China. But need to remember that many employers dont even require ANY certificate right now, and the only time it is usually asked for is for full-time work where a z-visa is being sought…
# RE: RE: Guangzhou To Require Standardized Teaching CertificateDr. Greg 2010-02-19 05:34
What I suspect is that the provincial government has a latent agenda to control the foreign (teacher) population in Guangdong Province by requiring a “standardized” training course and certificate as well as a passing score on the Evaluation System for Foreign Language Expert.

If the real agenda was to prevent teachers with, for example, a 10-hour online TEFL certificate from using it to seek employment, the CELTA would be accepted because the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) serves as its accrediting body and, therefore, there are minimum standards that have to be met in order to grant that certification.
# RE: RE: RE: Guangzhou To Require Standardized Teaching CertificateStephenfromNZ 2013-02-14 11:24
The "Evaluation System for Foreign Language Expert" is an online questionaire taking about an hour to complete. If you have some teaching experience, it should be easy to complete (even from outside the country). It is an asset to teaching English in China.

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