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Guangdong Implements Barcode Photo ID for Foreign Teachers


Barcode Identification for Foreign Residents

It has been confirmed that Guangdong province has implemented, as of March 2008, a barcode identification system for photos taken of foreigners for use in foreign expert certificate books (now the “blue book”) as well as residency permits. Although the photos themselves are not numbered, the photo used from that photo session is associated with a barcoded receipt that the foreign expert must sign and then submit along with the photos that will then be used by the PSB. We’ve attached a sample of the receipt here. You can click on the image to the left to view a full-sized copy of the original document.

We cannot confirm at this time if other provinces will follow suit, but we suspect that this system may soon be adopted by other international cities where the number of foreigners is formidable.


# RE: Guangdong Implements Barcode Photo ID for Foreign TeachersDave Kees 2010-02-19 05:48
I live in GZ and renewed my Work Permit and Visa in July. What this thing seemed to me was a way to authenticate the identity photos. Only certain photo shops are authorized to make these photos and they provide a special certificate with a photocopy of the photo on it.

I have heard of students using a photo morphing program that can merge photos of two people into one so that the resulting photo looks like both people. When I was an IELTS examiner this was quite a concern. I suppose there are other things that can be done with photos that would concern the authorities.

But this Bar Code thing is not on the teacher ID but on the certificate of the photos.
# RE: Guangdong Implements Barcode Photo ID for Foreign TeachersBill 2010-02-19 05:49
These photos are automatically entered into the PSB database and can be called up for view in much the same way that the new Chinese ID cards allow banks and the PSB to enter the person’s ID number and see their photo / details.

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