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Chinese Physicians Are Creating an Antibiotic Resistant Population


Head ColdMy wife just came home from the hospital.  She apparently has a strep infection as evidenced by a very soar throat.

While the non-English speaking physician managed to prescribe the correct antibiotic, clindamycin palmitate hydrochloride (better known in the States by its brand name Cleocin), as is par for the course, she prescribed only a small fraction of what is recommended by Pfizer, the drug's manufacturer.

Dosage is best determined by the weight of the patient.  Pfizer recommends 4-6 mg/lb/day for serious infections and  6.5-8 mg/lb/day for severe infections, divided equally into three or four doses per day.  Sonia weighs 125lbs, so the minimum recommended daily dose for a serious infection would be 125 * 6.5 or 812.5mg per day for 10 days.

Sonia was given 12 75mg tablets and instructed to take three pills twice a day for two days.  Instead of receiving the proper dosage of approximately 8 grams of antibiotic divided over 10 days, she was prescribed a total of 900mg divided over a two-day period; about one-tenth of what the drug manufacturer recommends for this type of infection.

If you value your health, you will NEVER take an antibiotic as prescribed by a Chinese physician.  Related, if the physician tries to talk you into an I.V. drip in the hospital, you should refuse it.  Instead, ask for an oral form of the medicine and research the drug on the Internet to first ascertain 1) Whether you have been prescribed the correct antibiotic, and 2) What the proper dosage should be.  Once you ascertain the proper dosage, assuming the medication is correct, you should then go to a large university hospital or pharmacy to buy additional doses of the medication so that you can take a full course of treatment as recommended by the drug manufacturer.

Chinese physicians are unwittingly creating an entire population of antibiotic resistant people and you do not want to be among one of their casualties.

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